How do I switch between multiple Twitter accounts?

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2016 11:01AM PDT

You can signup for multiple Periscope accounts if you have multiple Twitter accounts. On iOS and Android, you can switch between Twitter accounts by logging out and back in and choosing which account you want to use. 

If you don't see the account you want to sign in with, you might not be logged into your Twitter account through the Twitter app or your Twitter settings.  You would need to update your account on your device if this is the case.
To add an account to your Twitter app:
 1. Open the app on your device 
 2. Click on the "Me" tab in iOS. In Android, tap the "..." and tap on your profile.
 3. At the top of your profile, tap the multiple accounts icon next to "Edit Profile"
 4. Scroll to the bottom and tap the '+' icon or 'Manage Accounts' where you'll have the ability to add a new account 
 5. Enter your Twitter credentials and the account will be added to your list of logged in accounts

For iOS, if the account already appears in your list of accounts, try updating your Twitter settings on your device:
 1. Go to 'settings' on your device 
 2. Scroll down and go to 'Twitter' 
 3. Click on the account you want to sign into your Periscope with
 4. If the account is not there, you will need to 'Add Account'
 5. Ensure the correct username is shown if not, edit it 
 6. Enter your Twitter password even if it's already showing to ensure it's up to date
 7. Click 'done' 

If all else fails, make sure to go to your device settings on iOS > Twitter > Allow Periscope access to your Twitter account.
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